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AGMR 2016;20:167-236
Sarcopenia: An Emerging Giant Greater Than Osteoporosis
Jae-Young Lim
Invited Review
Microbiota: A Key for Healthy Aging
Yoon Jin Choi, Dong Ho Lee
Original Articles
Association Between Extrahepatic Duct Diameter on Abdominal Computed Tomography and Severity Classified Using Tokyo Guidelines 2013 in Elderly Patients With Cholangitis
Hyeon Song Kim, Chang Min Lee, Byuk Sung Ko, Sung Hyuk Park, Woong Jung, Myung Chun Kim, Young Gwan Ko
Clinical and Biochemical Characteristics of Elderly Patients With Hyperglycemic Emergency State at a Single Institution
Yun Jae Shin, Dae In Kim, Dong Won Lee, Beung Kwan Jeon, Jung Geun Ji, Jung Ah Lim, Young Jung Cho, Hong Woo Nam
Clinical Factors Associated With Trabecular Bone Score in Koreans: A Retrospective Study
Eui Heon Chung, Soon Hang Lee, Jin Hee Kim, Hyung Jun Park, Hye Yeon Min, Sang Hyuck Kim, Jae Moon Yun, Be Long Cho
Association Between Blood Pressure After Thrombolysis and Neurological Outcome in the Elderly Patients With Ischemic Stroke
Junsoo Seok, Jong-Seok Lee, Ki Young Jeong, Han Sung Choi, Hoon Pyo Hong, Young Gwan Ko
Awareness and Understanding of Dementia in Community-Dwelling Adults Without Dementia and Stroke
Hyun Young Park, Young Seo Kim, Hyung Jong Park, Hak Seung Lee, Seung Han Suk
The Characteristics of Elderly Patients With Suicide Attempts: A Comparative Study With Non-elderly Patients
Kyoung Hwan Kim, Ki Young Jeong, Jong Seok Lee, Han Sung Choi, Hoon Pyo Hong, Young Gwan Ko
Risk of Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage From Low-Energy Falls in the Oldest-Old Patients
Sung Kyu Kim, Ki Young Jeong, Jong Seok Lee, Han Sung Choi, Hoon Pyo Hong, Young Gwan Ko
Case Report
Drug Fever in an Elderly Patient After Pacemaker Implantation
Dong Wook Lee, Ju Hee Ha, Jun Ho Kim, Ki Beom Park, Jae Joon Lee, Han Il Choi, Jin Hee Kim
Letter to the Editors
Letter to the Editor: Specific and Stepwise Postoperative Rehabilitation Program Is Needed in the Elderly After Hip Fracture Surgery
Sang Yoon Lee, Jaewon Beom
Letter to the Editor: More Practical Tools for Social Network Assessment are Needed
Chang-O Kim

The Journal of Korean Geriatrics Society (JKGS) is a peer-reviewed journal published aiming to introduce new know ledge relared to geriatric medicine and to provide a forum for the academic communication ...
The Validity and Reliability of Korean Instrumental Activities of Daily Living(K-IADL) Scale
원장원; 노용균; 선우덕; 이영수
Evidence-Based Guideline for Fall Prevention in Korea
Kwang-Il Kim, MD, Hye-Kyung Jung, MD, Chang Oh Kim, MD, Soo-Kyung Kim, MD, Hyun-Ho Cho, MD, Dae Yul Kim, MD, Yong-Chan Ha, MD, Sung-Hee Hwang, MD, Chang Won Won, MD, Jae-Young Lim, MD, Hyun Jung Kim, MPH, PhD, Jae Gyu Kim, MD; The Korean Association of Internal Medicine; The Korean Geriatrics Society
Different performance on confrontational naming test in patients with Alzheimer`s disease and mild cognitive impairment
Kyung Ae Park M.S.1, Ji Won Choi -2, Jin Min Jeon -2, Kwang Soo Kim M.D.3, Kyung Won Park M.D.2, 4, 5