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J Korean Geriatr Soc 2011; 15(2): 71-79  https://doi.org/10.4235/jkgs.2011.15.2.71
우리나라 노인의학의 현재와 미래
Hyunrim Choi,MD
Published online: June 1, 2011.
© The Korea Geriatrics Society. All rights reserved.

The population of the aged has increased since the World War II worldwide. The developed countries have rapidly dealt with the various problems occurred in the aged society. The rate of increase in the population of the aged in Korea is known to be faster than that of any other countries.
Korean government has also developed several strategies including the long term health insurance and pronounced to newly organize the geriatric speciality facing the aged society in 2004, but it could not have organized the geriatric speciality because of interests among the medical societies till now. Korean Geriatric Society was founded in 1968 and has about 6,000 members in 2010, and the 20th IAGG world congress of gerontology and geriatrics will be held in Seoul in 2013. But the geriatric education in Korean medical colleges is not enough and geriatric doctors don't play a major role to care the aged in Korea.
In the future, as the proportion of the aged increase more rapidly, we will be face more difficult problems solved to maintain our present society. Geriatric medicine is well suited for the demand of our future society, so the government should organize the geriatric speciality as soon as possible.
Hopefully, many geriatric specialists will have an major role in solving the health problems for the aged and contribute to educate medical students and train medical doctors in the field of geriatrics in the near coming society.
Keywords: aged , geriatrics , specialty , role

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