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Fig. 2. Prevalence of sarcopenia as defined by various skeletal muscle indices in Korean older adults using data from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Class I and class II sarcopenia were defined as muscle indices within −1.0 to −2.0 standard deviations (SDs) and below −2.0 SD of the sex-specific mean of young people (20 to 29 years). The cutoff points for sarcopenia (2 SD of the young reference) were 6.06 kg/m2, 27.43%, and 0.784 in men and 4.07 kg/m2, 21.48%, and 0.517 in women, respectively. ASM, appendicular skeletal muscle mass; BMI, body mass index; ht, height; wt, weight. Adapted from Kim et al.
Annals of Geriatric Medicine and Research 2018;22:73~79
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